Orange County Wedding Venue – Affordable all inclusive packages » The Vintage Rose is an Orange and generic viagra sale Los Angeles County wedding venue with old world charm.

Social Events

Having a party? You’ve come to the right place. We host small tea parties for birthdays and showers as well as large galas, fundraisers, socials, and holiday parties. We have three different rooms for you to buy viagra no prescription choose from.

The Vintage Room is full of chic décor and mismatched furniture that will welcome your guests with its warm ambiance. The Paris Ballroom will transport you to the City of Light with its romantic elegant charm. It can host up to 250 guests, and its style will complement your event in every way possible! The French Room is a smaller room where we host tea parties and showers. It’s Vintage Décor is the viagra professional perfect setting for our gorgeous Royal Albert Chinaware. This room also serves as a Bridal/Get Ready Room for those who wish to add it to their event.

From our foodie-approved menus and crafty spirits to the warm atmosphere and sensational decor, events at this venue flourish without boundaries. The Vintage Rose is a must for celebrations designed to inspire your soul leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime!