The Vintage Rose Venue

Blooming with timeless, European charm, The Vintage Rose transports the romantic soul of Paris to the heart of Orange County. Upscale yet light-hearted in its quality, The Vintage Rose is the creation of owner Rose Wade, a lover of weddings and special events.

A true Parisians at heart, we specialize in styling and creating spectacular events that blossom with rustic elegance and of course, romance. From the foodie-approved menus and crafty spirits to the warm atmosphere, events at this venue flourish without boundaries. For celebrations rooted in inspiration and designed to inspire, The Vintage Rose is the key.

Perhaps the most distinctive mark of The Vintage Rose is its collection of distressed, wooden doors and shutters dipped in the most vibrant hue of French blue. The blue doors and shutters on the windows not only greet you at first glance, but they also serve as the defining decorative accents beyond the entrance and into the venue.

The rustic-chic elements truly come alive in the cocktail area, an airy lounge filled with clusters of mismatched furniture. With their delightfully eclectic gathering, the settees, tables, and chairs liven up the space, producing an inviting setting ideal for conversation between sips of wine. Cozy living rooms and warm fireplace mantels add to this effect, casting yet another layer of enchantment.

Squares of distressed bronze panels stretch across the ceiling, curiously drawing the eyes towards the pops of French blue on the creamy walls. As its name suggests, the Paris Ballroom transports its visitors to the very streets of Paris. Painted behind the familiar blue shutters in the room is a completely unfamiliar scene—the Eiffel Tower, the Seine in moonlight, the glittering city skyline. Under the shimmering glow of the chandeliers, the entire city lights up as the celebration unfolds.

Affordable Event Packages are available for galas, ceremony, reception, brunch weddings, school banquets, fundraisers, fashion shows, ladies tea time, showers, holiday parties, birthday and so much more!!  Call for an consultation today!!



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